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Latest Patient Information about Diabetes Diagnosis and Care

Managing Diabetes

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•  Diabetic Diet Information
•  10 Daily Tips to Live Well with Diabetes
•  Medications for Diabetics

Goals of Diabetes Treatment

•  Keep Blood Glucose Levels in Healthy Range
•  Prevent Diabetes Complications

Measuring Blood Glucose Levels

•  When to Measure Blood Glucose Levels
•  How Often to Measure Blood Glucose Levels
•  What to Use to Measure Blood Glucose Levels
•  Calculating Blood Glucose Levels Results

Diabetes – General Information

•  Prevention
•  Definition
•  Pre-Diabetes
•  Type 1 Diabetes
•  Type 2 Diabetes
•  Diabetes Animation & More info about Type 2 Diabetes
•  Gestational Diabetes
•  Symptoms of Diabetes
•  Diagnosis of Diabetes