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Serving all of the United States, Based out of Los Angeles, California

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What Patients Love The Most

  • "Always on time and great customer service."
  • "I use this pharmacy for my patients at my job and for my son. I have never had any problems. I have had great customer service. When I had a problem with my son's diapers, they quickly fixed the problem."

Three Ways To Become A New Patient

Our Mission

Our mission and philosophy of total commitment to our patients, healthcare professionals, and employees is reflected in Mini Pharmacy’s byline Trusted, Caring, Always.

Mini Pharmacy is a Trusted partner not only by our patients but by the professional diabetes community that aids in Diabetes Management.

We are Caring. The health of our patients is our prime concern. We are dedicated to working with patients and providing information, guidance and support in any way that we can to make Diabetes manageable and by providing the latest technology in Diabetes Care.

Mini Pharmacy will Always meet the needs of the patients, physicians, facilities, and community that we serve in a professional, friendly and time-sensitive manner so as to ensure a positive experience for all our customers.