Ascensia Microlet® Lancets

Ascensia Microlet® Lancets, 100 count

Microlet Silicone-Coated Lancets are designed for use with the Microlet® family of lancing devices. They offer simple, smooth testing. Each box contains 100 Ascensia Microlet® lancets.

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  • Ascensia Microlet® lancets are compatible with
    • Bayer’s Microlet 2 Lancing Devices
    • Microlet Lancing Devices
    • Microlet Vaculance Lancing Devices
  • Silicone-Coated
  • 28 gauge needle for simple, smooth testing
  • Easy to grip design
  • Adjustable lancing depths
  • Multiple depth settings to choose from
  • Each box contains 100 Ascensia Microlet lancets
  • Each lancet is designed for single use
  • Do not use if protective cap has been removed
  • Dispose of responsibly

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