VGo Wearable Insulin Delivery System


Product Description

Designed to replace both your long-acting basal insulin and your multiple mealtime insulin injections, V-Go delivers a continuous basal insulin rate over 24 hours that mimics the body's natural approach to all-day-and-night blood sugar control. With a continuous, preset rate of fast-acting insulin along with convenient, on-demand dosing at mealtimes (bolus dosing). V-Go is designed to provide all of your insulin needs throughout the day. Studies have shown that V-Go provides better control of blood sugar levels than multiple daily insulin injections.

Managing multiple injections of insulin each day can be hard. With insulin injections, remembering all of the supplies when leaving the house or removing yourself from the moment to take an injection can be frustrating. V-Go can help to simplify your life and provide even greater blood sugar control than multiple insulin injections each day.

Unique Features

V-Go is designed to fit easily into your life and help you manage diabetes by combining all of your insulin needs into one simple device you apply like a patch.

  • Provides a steady rate of background insulin over 24 hours
  • Provides additional insulin at mealtimes without anyone knowing by discreetly clicking a button

Product Information

The V-Go incorporates three easy steps: Just Fill, Wear & Go with V-Go

  • Step One: Fill V-Go: First, just fill your V-Go with fast-acting insulin. It takes less than a minute to prepare V-Go for 24-hour use.
  • Wear V-Go: V-Go can be worn in a variety of locations on your body, and the location can be changed based on your preference or clothing choice each day:
  • Step Two: Just clean your preferred area, remove the adhesive, and apply V-Go. Then press the start button to start the flow of insulin through a small, flexible needle. That is it! Now you have your insulin with you all day, and no one has to know.
  • Step Three: Go: During the day, you'll be able to give yourself mealtime insulin whenever you need it with a simple click of a button - over your clothes without anyone noticing. No more supplies and no more interruptions to your day. Now you can focus on your life and not your insulin
  • Designed to deliver insulin like your body does-gradually, during the day and night
  • V-Go is designed to fit easily into your life. V-Go works by releasing tiny amounts of insulin continuously all day and night using just fast acting insulin. It delivers insulin much like your body is supposed to. And with just a click of a button, you can get the mealtime insulin you need without any additional shots.
  • When you use the V-Go, you never actually see the needle. The V-Go needle in the device is very small (30 gauge, 4.6 mm) and the floating technology helps ensure V-Go is comfortable to wear 24 hours a day. The adhesive and floating needle technology were designed to allow you to move without feeling the needle. Most people do find V-Go comfortable to wear. Sometimes it takes a day or two to find the right spot.
  • V-Go has been successfully tested in water to depths of 3 feet, 3 inches (1 meter) for 24 hours, and can be worn during normal daily activities, such as showering and bathing as well as activities near the surface of the water, such as swimming. V-Go should not be used in water activities below 3 feet, 3 inches (1 meter), such as scuba diving or extremely hot water temperatures, such as hot tubs or whirlpools.
  • A U-100 fast-acting insulin should be used with V-Go. HumalogR (insulin lispro, rDNA origin) and NovoLogR (insulin aspart, rDNA origin) have been tested by Valeritas and found to be safe for use in V-Go.
  • After 24 hours, you should apply a new filled V-Go. Be sure to change your V-Go at the same time every day. If V-Go is worn for more than 24 hours, it may no longer deliver the steady rate of insulin you need.

Important Risk Information

If regular adjustments or modifications to the basal rate of insulin are required in a 24-hour period, or if the amount of insulin used at meals requires adjustments of less than 2-Unit increments, use of the V-Go Wearable Insulin Delivery Device may result in hypoglycemia. The following conditions may occur during insulin therapy with V-Go: hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycemia (high blood glucose). Other adverse reactions associated with V-Go use include skin irritation from the adhesive pad or infections at the infusion site. V-Go should be removed before any magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing.

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